Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The role of integration in the enterprise

" It takes thought, energy, and resources to understand business trends and prepare the appropriate strategies. But then, right while we are attempting to build the capabilities needed to respond, the trends can suddenly change direction! "

How many times have you heard that business and IT just don't align? To address this, people started talking about web services and reuse, and of course agile methodologies. Both of these are an important piece, but what seems to be missing is integration as a core competency. By focusing attention on identifying the core systems and how to enable flexible and deep integration with them, it becomes possible to leverage whatever is the best of breed available for that time period. In today's market, with the availability of the cloud and SaaS, you should be able to rent a series of capabilities that are relevant to the here and now. When they become obsolete, quickly and easily rent from someone else.

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